Domestic Violence

Charges related to Domestic Violence may be filed as either a Misdemeanor or Felony and can have severe consequences reaching far beyond the criminal proceedings. A person’s Freedom, Child-custody, Immigration Status, Job opportunities, Educational opportunities and even reputation among the Community can all be effected by the outcome of the charges filed. When hiring an Attorney, it becomes absolutely necessary to choose someone with the experience and passion to fight on behalf of their Client. At Justice Law Partners, we go the extra mile to strengthen our Clients case by knowing all the facts, seeking out relevant information, and making sure the District Attorney understands our Client’s side of the story. Too often Police and the District Attorney do not take the time to understand the events leading up to the charges and unfairly assume the worst.

Relationships are complicated and sometimes a simple argument can quickly escalate to police knocking at your door. Maybe the incident was nothing more than angry screams and finger-pointing, but any time emotions are involved, allegations of wrong-doing can quickly follow. Moreover, statements, texts, emails or communications of any type can be used against you, and often form the strongest part of the Prosecution’s case. If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of domestic violence accusations, call us immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION.

In addition to punishment by a jail or prison sentence, the consequences of a California  conviction can include:

  • Mandatory minimum jail time,
  • Mandatory participation in a “batterer’s intervention program”,
  • Payment of fines and/or victim restitution,
  • A restraining order (also known as a protective order),
  • Loss of custody rights,
  • Loss of California gun rights,
  • A permanent criminal record, and
  • Immigration consequences for non-citizens, such as deportability or inadmissibility to the United States.

Most of these consequences apply even if the defendant is sentenced to “Summary” (misdemeanor) probation or“Formal” (felony) probation.

Within the realm of such violence and abuse are various other topics, including protection orders, safe court processes and custody and visitation or parenting time. According to the American Bar Association, the presence of domestic violence is a factor considered when determining custody and visitation

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