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As a Trial Attorney with vast experience throughout every stage of both criminal and civil proceedings, Justin has the knowledge and passion to make sure your rights are protected. Defending clients against every type of misdemeanor or felony, including charges of murder, attempted murder, robbery, burglary, fraud, embezzlement, sex offenses, domestic violence, child abuse, drug possession and sales, DUI, Restraining Orders and more.

Consultations are ALWAYS FREE OF CHARGE. Call today to schedule by calling 213-280-8908 or 626-888-3827. Trial Attorney Justin Rodriguez knows that the best defense is a strong offense. This means our office gets to work immediately on your case, doing the research, filing Motions, hiring investigators and spending a large amount of time getting to know our clients and the facts surrounding each case. We want to make sure we know the whole story, because knowing the facts will make the difference to the Judge, Prosecutor and ultimately the Jury.

Justin Rodriguez

Defense attorney Justin Rodriguez
I am thankful

Posted by anonymous
June 27, 2017
I am very thankful to attorney Justin Rodriguez and his staff. My criminal case was difficult because I had a high bail amount $1,000,000, I couldn’t hire an attorney myself, and unfortunately because of a previous bad deal I took at court on a felony DUI costing me two strikes, I was looking at an upcoming third strike consequence. My mom and supporting friends hired attorney Rodriguez to resolve my case even though the case was at the trial stage.[..] I was found NOT GUILTY of committing attempted murder. Let’s just say I walked out of the courtroom smiling!

I am thankful
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Too often, people wait till their Court date to decide whether they will hire a Trial Attorney or go with the Public Defender. They don’t realize that having Attorney Justin Rodriguez allows them to start fighting their case before its even filed. Also, critical time may have been lost where the Court already started to decide important issues like Bail or Conditions of Release. Moreover, the District Attorney may have not yet formed an opinion on what the offer might be. Most people are unaware that police officers write their reports the very same day, or within a few days of an alleged incident. With Trial Attorney Justin Rodriguez by your side, we can make sure the Prosecutor is able to hear your side of the story before they make a decision on filing charges. We also make sure we do our best to eliminate or reduce any Bail amount, protecting your hard-earned money.

When we are retained early by Clients, we are able to reach out to potential witnesses, secure critical evidence, contact police officers and prosecutors alike so they do not blindly file charges without knowing the full story. We take great pride in knowing that most of our cases are either dismissed or reduced because we don’t waste any time getting to work.

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