I am thankful for Attorney Rodriguez 5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
June 27, 2017

I am very thankful to attorney Justin Rodriguez and his staff. My criminal case was difficult because I had a high bail amount $1,000,000, I couldn’t hire an attorney myself, and unfortunately because of a previous bad deal I took at court on a felony DUI costing me two strikes, I was looking at an upcoming third strike consequence. My mom and supporting friends hired attorney Rodriguez to resolve my case even though the case was at the trial stage. I felt I had a bad public defender for the preliminary hearing, none of my alibi witnesses were investigated by the DA. Things only got worse at the trial stage, I would never talk to my public defender, he ignored my alibi witnesses, and we were ready to go to trial. For an attempted murder charge, the DA was offering me a ridiculous 25 to life sentence.
Justin and his team talked to all my witnesses-5 total, they verified my alibi, and after several meetings that Justin had with the DA office to share this witness information, the court refused to back down on giving me additional jail time from what I had already served, they wanted at least 10 years, I had already served one year in jail. Justin and I had several conversations in jail, I explained to him why I couldn’t take the deal, because I didn’t do the crime. It was my decision to take the case to trial. Over 5 days we went through the trial process, all my witnesses were called, Justin did a great job presenting my witnesses, strongly cross examining the witnesses the DA called and debunking their testimony. The judge was being completely unfair on several issues and just favored the prosecution when it came to testimony of their witnesses and against any motions Justin filed and presented on my behalf. Justin spoke fiercely in his opening and closing statements. I had hope I could win the case after it was finished being presented to the jury, but of course I was still nervous, the judge’s actions I felt let it be known to the jury that she felt I was guilty. I couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious every night, the jury deliberated for 3 days. In the end I was found NOT GUILTY of committing attempted murder. I cried like a baby in the court room in front of the judge and jury, pure relief and happiness overwhelmed me. I cried with respect by the DA and even the Judge! His representation and negotiating skills were top notch. Let’s just say I walked out of the courtroom smiling!